The importance of our volunteers to a range of our services cannot be overestimated. Our volunteers unselfishly give up their personal time to work in one of our services.

Here, you can meet some of our volunteers who all provide integral work in ensuring that our services run smoothly…

Incredibly, Terry started her 31st year of volunteering at Edgware Community Hospital (ECH) in December 2016. Alongside her volunteering work with us, Terry has also volunteered at several other charity organisations. Read her full story.

Linda volunteers in the physiotherapy / post stroke ward in administration and in the volunteering office at Edgware Community hospital. Linda said: "Volunteering is a great way to get back into work and volunteering in healthcare is emotionally rewarding." Read Linda’s story.

Thiviya Sivakanthan is a volunteer here and currently still studying at school. As well as her volunteering at our Edgware Community Hospital, Thiviya also volunteers in a care home and special needs school. She said, "The experience of volunteering in a hospital is very different but just as rewarding. I am hoping to study medicine in the future and become a doctor. In fact, volunteering at the hospital really confirmed that this is what I want to do." Read Thiviya’s story.

"Before I took early retirement my professional expertise was managing international IT projects in a banking environment. I've retired from that demanding lifestyle and can now finally focus on what I want to do. Volunteering at the Pembridge Hospice gives me immense personal pleasure. If I feel I made an improvement to another person's life that is enough for me. Getting positive feedback is a welcome bonus." Read Jonathan’s story.

I am 66 years young. My duties at the Pembridge Hospice vary from giving out tea and coffee to patients, washing cutlery and crockery as there is no dishwasher, talking to patients and relatives, helping with reception work, tidying the linen cupboard and watering plants. The list is endless and varies according to the needs of our patients and staff. Read Andrea’s story.

"I left the district nursing team to start a business which unfortunately didn't quite work out. Getting back into work seemed harder than I expected but for the past year I have been working as a private carer for an elderly lady four days a week. I had been thinking how I would very much like to work in a hospice, but didn't have experience of a hospice environment, I thought it would be a good idea to try volunteering on my day off, as it’s something I had never done before." Read Julie’s story..

"I have been a meditation volunteer with Pembridge Hospice for over five years now. The most rewarding part of my role is, undoubtedly, the lovely people I get to be around - both colleagues and patients. They've all got a well-honed sense of humour and somehow there's a lot of joy here. The most challenging part of my role is when one of the patients who you've come to care about, inevitably, dies." Read Hattie’s story.