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Patient Eligibility Transport Form.docx

CLCH Patient Experience Leaflet 2018

Non-emergency patient transport leaflet

Vision and hearing falls leaflet

Motivation - falls prevention leaflet

Vision, hearing and falls education session - falls prevention

MUR and NMS leaflets - falls prevention

Medicines - falls prevention leaflet

Motivation cycle - falls prevention leaflet

Coping with a fall - falls prevention leaflet

Foot health - falls prevention leaflet

Healthy eating - falls prevention leaflet

Home hazards - falls prevention leaflet

Balance and walking - falls prevention leaflet

Benefits of physical activity - falls prevention leaflet

Bone Health and osteoporosis - falls prevention leaflet

Continence - falls prevention leaflet

Fear of falling and anxiety - falls prevention leaflet

Non-Emergency Patient Transport Policy and Procedures.pdf

London Independent Health Complaints Advocacy Service (IHCAS) Leaflet

New tri-borough falls service leaflet (March 2018)

Do you have Type 1 diabetes; DAFNE may help you

Diabetes Intermediate Care Service

Speech and Language Therapy Leaflet November 2018.pdf

SLT Eating and Drinking Leaflet

flyer for gps june 2014 final.pdf

Pembridge Hospice Leaflet

Pembridge Hospice Leaflet - Spiritual

Pembridge Hospice Leaflet - Social Work Team

Pembridge Hospice Leaflet - CS PCT

Pembridge Hospice Leaflet - Day Hospice

Pembridge Hospice Leaflet - PRI

Pembridge Life - Issue One

Pembridge Life - Issue Two

Brent Falls Service Leaflet

Leicester New Dafne leaflet

Meet DESMOND leaflet

Kensington and Chelsea community diabetes service factsheet

What is a podiatric surgeon? Leaflet

CLCH Infant formula prescribing guidance 2017

Paediatric Service leaflet

Wearing glasses leaflet

Lazy eye amblyopia leaflet

Squint leaflet

Tooth word search

Brushing for a happy smile leaflet

Odd one out leaflet

Two minutes word search challenge

Trace the numbers with your favourite colours

OHP Service Improvement

Do you have something to tell us about our services? Leaflet

Chatterbugs leaflet.docx

Keep Information Safe Poster 2018.pdf

Keep your information safe leaflet 2018.pdf

Barnet Patient Information Leaflet

Makaton Training for Parents leaflet March 2019.pdf

SLT Drop ins Autum Term 2018 Flyer.pdf

ASD Post Diagnosis Workshop Dates 2019.pdf

Makaton Taster Session Dates 2019.pdf

ASD Parent Workshops 2019.pdf

ASD Parent Workshops 2018 (1).docx

EY SLT Booking Form.docx

Introduction to Language for Thinking - all dates.pdf

Self Help Skills - all dates.pdf

Narrative Skills KS2 - all dates.pdf

Using Visuals in the Classroom.pdf

Introductions to Blanks Levels - all dates.pdf

Vocabulary Learning.pdf

Using colour-coding to support language.pdf

Zones of Regulation - all dates.pdf

Lego Therapy - all dates.pdf

Secondary Strategies - all dates.pdf

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