Stoma care

Service overview

Our stoma care nursing service provides psychological support and education for patients, their families and carers undergoing surgery for stoma formation.

Our stoma care service provides pre-operative education; in-patient support and on-going community follow up throughout the patient's pathway. 

A stoma is an artificial opening in the bowel, created by a surgeon to divert the flow of faeces and or urine. The word stoma comes from the Greek for mouth or opening.

Who is our stoma care service for?


Our specialist stoma nurses provide care and support for patients who have had a surgical procedure to create a stoma and also support for family members and carers. The specialist nurses also provide education for all health care professionals.


What does our stoma care service do?


Our specialist stoma nurses provide:

  • pre-operative information and education for patients preparing for stoma forming surgery surgery including, ileostomy, colostomy and urostomy formation
  • post-operative teaching to facilitate self-care of stoma
  • physical and psychological support for patients with stomas and their families/carers
  • assessment of the stoma and addressing any problems such as prolapse, hernia, sore skin, and a high output
  • assessment of the patient's ability to cope with the stoma
  • assessment of product usage and ensure cost effective prescription
  • follow up as necessary, minimum annually
  • liaise with other healthcare professionals as required

Where do we provide our stoma care service?


Our specialist stoma care nurses care for people who are residing in Barnet, Kensington and Chelsea, Westminster and  Merton 


What can you expect from our stoma care service?

  • Care and advice for all patients with new or established stomas
  • Care also for patients with fistulae, ileo-anal pouches and those requiring anal-irrigation
  • Home visits from the specialist stoma care nurse post discharge
  • Additional home visits are arranged if necessary, working with GPs, district nurses and other agencies
  • Telephone contact and clinic follow-up

Who do our stoma care teams work with?


Our specialist stoma nurses work with a variety of healthcare professionals, depending on patient needs, including:

  • hospital surgical teams
  • GPs
  • district nurses
  • carers and family

Who works in our stoma care team?


Our stoma care nursing team include the following specialists

  • Specialist stoma care nurses

How do you access our stoma care service?


Patients can be referred by their GP, hospital consultant or other healthcare professional.

Patients are able to self-refer into our stoma care service.

Contact: 0208 349 7529


Our stoma nursing teams work in the boroughs of:

  • Barnet


This information is for GPs and other healthcare professionals who refer patients to our specialist stoma nursing team.

Information for clinicians

  • Pre-operative information and education is given for patients preparing for stoma forming surgery including, ileostomy, colostomy and urostomy formation.
  • Referrals accepted from any healthcare professional, family member or self-referrals.
  • An inpatient service is provided at Finchley Memorial Hospital. Following discharge, all patients living in Barnet are offered home visits from a stoma care nurse. If necessary, joint visits are undertaken with the district nurses and we also provide education to carers. Additional home visits are arranged as necessary.
  • Telephone contact and clinic follow-up ensure the patients continue to feel well supported and experience continuity of care from hospital to home.
  • The Integrated Care Pathway is used to ensure good communication between the specialist stoma care nurses, district nurses, GP's and carers as well as the full  hospital multidisciplinary team.
  • Clinics take place within the Hospital Outpatients Department and patients are formally reviewed at 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and annually following stoma formation, with further appointments made as necessary.
  • Regular reviews undertaken to ensure prescriptions remain appropriate and cost effective.

Referral criteria for our stoma care service


The stoma care nursing service is available to all patients regardless of whether a patient:

  • has a new or established stoma
  • is preparing for surgery
  • needs advice following the closure of the stoma

Patients have to be living in, or registered with a GP, in Barnet to access our services in that borough.


What referral information does our stoma care team need?

  • Basic demographic information
  • Reason for referral
  • Any relevant notes and conditions

How do you refer to our stoma care service?


Patients in Barnet can be referred to:

Louise Foulds and Bo Yeung
Finchley Memorial Hospital
P: 020 8349 7529
F: 030 0008 3170


Waiting times for our stoma care service


0 to 5 days depending on urgency.


Core hours for our stoma care service


The core hours of our stoma nursing service are: 

Monday - 08.30 to 16.30
Tuesday - 08.30 to 16.30
Wednesday - 08.30 to 16.30
Thursday - 08.30 to 16.30
Friday - 08.30 to 16.30
Saturday - Closed
Sunday - Closed 

Bank holidays - Closed


Discharge criteria for our stoma care service


Patients requiring ongoing stoma care support are discharged if they move out of area or no longer require the service.



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