Specialist Palliative Care Services

Service Overview

The Pembridge Palliative Care Centre provides palliative care services in our specialist unit at St Charles Centre for Health and Wellbeing (click link for address and map). We assist patients with life limiting illnesses and complex needs such as:

  • cancer
  • Pembridge -2-Webneurological conditions such as motor neurone disease
  • end stage respiratory, heart or renal failure

We have four services based at the centre:

  • inpatient unit
  • day hospice
  • community specialist palliative care team
  • education centre




What does our palliative care service do?


Palliative care is the care of patients with life-limiting illnesses and aims to help with pain and other symptoms and help you cope with the difficulties that people face when living with such an illness. 

Our team offers:

  • pain and symptom control
  • psychological and social support
  • palliative rehabilitation - to help patients stay independent as long as possible
  • complementary therapies such as massage
  • family care
  • spiritual care
  • practical and financial advice
  • bereavement care

Who works in our palliative care team?


Our palliative care team includes:

  • specialist palliative care doctors
  • specialist palliative care nurses
  • specialist palliative care  social workers
  • specialist palliative care pharmacist  
  • specialist occupational therapist
  • physiotherapist
  • complimentary therapists with specialist training
  • spiritual care/chaplaincy team
  • volunteers

We work closely with local acute trusts, GPs,  community nursing teams, social care and private hospitals.


Our inpatient unit


The inpatient unit has 13 beds and provides 24 hour care for patient with specialist palliative care needs. Patients can be admitted at any time during the 24 hours depending upon bed availability. Patients are admitted for:

  • symptom control
  • rehabilitation after treatment
  • respite care
  • end of life care 

The inpatient unit offers telephone support out of normal working hours to patients, carers, healthcare professionals and there is 24 hour palliative care consultant telephone advice available.

Download our inpatient unit patient leaflet for more information.


Our day hospice


The day hospice offers a range of services to help people adjust to the physical limitations caused by their illness, along with the social and psychological implications.

The day hospice is open 4 days a week and provides a range of services including:

  • symptom control   
  • psychological support
  • complementary therapy
  • respite care for patients and their carers

Our hospice ambulatory care clinic provides also provides a range of services including:

  • medical reviews
  • bisphosphonate treatments
  • advanced care planning support

Download our day hospice patient leaflet for more information.


Our community team


The community team works with GPs, district nurses and other services to support patients and families at home depending upon their needs.

Our services can advise on the following:

  • Management of physical symptoms such as pain, fatigue etc
  • Emotional and psychological support for patients and their families
  • Help with arranging practical support in the home
  • Advice on financial worries
  • Help and advice in planning future care as your illness progresses
  • Support during the last stages of illness

Download our community team patient leaflet for more information.


Our social work team


When people are referred to the Pembridge Centre they are often facing many difficulties and may be worried about many things such as:

  • How will I cope?
  • What should I tell the children?
  • How will my partner cope?
  • How will I cope financially?
  • Should I contact relatives I haven't seen in many years?
  • Who can I talk to about my fears? I don't want to upset my family.
  • What legal plans do I need to make?

Our team helps patients with their worries and can also visit patients at home if necessary.

Download our social work patient leaflet for more information.


Get in touch

Contact details are listed below:
In-Patient unit: 020 8102 5000
Community Admin: 020 8102 5383
Admin Office: 020 8102 5371

Fax numbers as follows:

Efax: 0300 008 3211 Admin Office
Efax: 0300 008 3206 Community Office
Efax: 0300 008 3208 In-Patient Unit

Generic Email: CLCHT.PembridgeUnit@nhs.net

Pembridge Hospice Charity - how to donate


Pembridge Logo"Life with a terminal illness can mean coping with pain, fear and loneliness. With your help, our caring staff can give local people and their families the support they need to live life to the fullest." - Cathy Saraby, senior nurse

Pembridge Hospice Charity is one of our dedicated funds. A dedicated website at www.pembridgehospice.org tells you more about how gifts to the charity transform the lives of more than 1,000 patients and their families every year.

Zoe And NanYour support will help people like Zoe and her Nan.

"Nan was diagnosed terminally ill in May 2016. When the time came that she needed extra help, the Pembridge team stepped in. They were amazing. When Nan was in pain and anxious they were there to help.

"Not only did the Pembridge team help Nan but the support and care they gave to us as a family at such an emotional and scary time was invaluable.

"We know Nan would want people to help Pembridge so that other families may have the dignity, care and support they need as they face one of their toughest journeys."

Picture (right): Zoe and her nan.

How your support can help:

  • £250  could sponsor a new nurse to receive specialist palliative care training and provide the best possible care for our patients.
  • £120  could fund a day of rehabilitation sessions that help people to live at home for as long as possible with independence and dignity.
  • £60  could fund enough art supplies for two weeks of fun and creative art sessions. One patient said "working on art gives me confidence in my ability to stay well"
  • £36  could provide a 30 minute therapeutic massage session at home for someone living with pain and anxiety. The wife of one patient said "when my husband has a massage it is the only day of the week he is not in pain"
  • £12  could buy a birthday present for a patient with no family





Make a gift to support our patients now by visiting  www.pembridgehospice.org/donate

Contact Nick the fundraising manager via 020 8102 5407 or  support@pembridgehospice.org  

Pembridge Hospice Charity is part of CLCH Charity (registered charity no. 1120231). 

Pembridge image



We accept referrals from any involved health care professional where our referral criteria are met:

  • All patients will have a diagnosis of a life limiting illness (such as cancer, neurological conditions such as motor neurone disease, and patients with end stage non-malignant disease such as COPD, heart failPembridge -1-Webure, renal failure ) 
  • The patient has agreed to the referral
  • The GP has been informed of the referral
  • The patient lives in our catchment areas
  • The patient is 16 or over 











What referral information does our palliative care team need?


Please ensure that any recent letters, appropriate test results and list of their current medication is included with the referral.

  • If it is less than 6 months since the patient was discharged from our service, a letter giving us the reason for being re referred and an update on the patient (with letters etc) will be required.
  • If it is more than six months since the patient was discharged from our service,  a new referral form will be required to ensure we have up to date information.

How to refer to the Pembridge Palliative Care Centre


A West London Palliative Care form must be completed and faxed to the administration office:

0300 008 3211 (admin office e-fax)

If referring to the day hospice or community team the patient must also be referred to their GPs district nursing team to ensure good co ordination of care.

We will be in contact once the referral has been triaged to let you know if it has been accepted.


Where do we accept referrals to our palliative care service from?



  • Our community team covers post codes NW10, parts of NW2 and NW6
  • North Brent is covered by St Luke's community team while South Brent is covered by our community team 
  • Any patient who lives, or is registered with a GP in Brent can be admitted to Pembridge Palliative Care Centre

Kensington and Chelsea

  • Our community team covers post codes  W10, W11 and parts of W8 and W14
  • North Kensington is our main catchment area 
  • Our community team visits patients who live in north Kensington, while the south of Kensington and Chelsea is covered by Trinity Hospice
  • Any patient who lives, or is registered with a GP in Kensington and Chelsea can be admitted to Pembridge Palliative Care Centre

Hammersmith and Fulham

  • Our community team covers post codes  W12, and parts of W6 and W14
  • Most  of Hammersmith is covered by our community team, while the south of Hammersmith and Fulham is covered by Trinity Hospice
  • Any patient who lives, or is registered with a GP in Hammersmith and Fulham can be admitted to Pembridge Palliative Care Centre


  • Our community team covers parts of post codes areas   of W2, W9, W10 and W11
  • Our team will also visit patients who live in Westminster and have a Kensington and Chelsea GP although we may suggest that patients change to a Westminster GP
  • A small area of Westminster is covered by our community team, while all other areas of Westminster are covered by St John's and Trinity hospice
  • Any patient who lives in Westminster can be admitted to Pembridge Palliative Care Centre

Please contact us on 020 8962 4443 if you are not sure if we cover your location

What happens if I live out of area but want to be close to my family?

If a patient wishes to be admitted to Pembridge because it is close to their family but does not live in our catchment area please get in contact to discuss with us on 020 8962 4406.


Patient stories

Listen to Henrietta's moving story about her life around Portobello Road in the 60s after she moved to the UK from the Caribbean, right up to her time being cared for in our Pembridge Palliative Care Centre:



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