Service overview

Our orthotics service provides assessment, advice and intervention for children and adults who have foot, lower limb and gait problems, and supportive difficulties.

The health benefits of our orthotic devices can include:

  • improved independence
  • improved mobility
  • pressure relief
  • pain relief
  • reduced ulceration rate 

Who is our orthotics service for?


Our orthotics service provides assessment, advice and intervention for children and adults who have foot, lower limb and gait problems, and supportive difficulties.


What does our orthotics service do?


Our orthotics* service assesses and provides splints and orthosis that enable patients to improve their functional abilities. 

Our service includes the provision of ready to wear footwear and mainly lower limb orthotic devices, as well as surgical stockings, splints and surgical collars and specialist support/compression stockings and corsets. 

Please note that our orthotics service does not provide spinal braces/jackets or wigs.

*An orthosis is an externally applied device used to modify the structural and functional characteristics of the neuro-muscular and skeletal system.


Where do we provide our orthotics service?


Our orthotics service operates a range of adult and children's clinics:

Children's orthotics clinics

  • Edgware Hospital
  • Oak Lane Clinic
  • Special schools which are all run jointly with senior children's physiotherapists.

Adult ortotics clinics

  • Edgware Hospital
  • Finchley Memorial Hospital

What can you expect from our orthotics service?


Our specialist senior orthotist individually assess all patients and provide appliances to meet their needs.

All patients will have a full biomechanical evaluation of needs, and as a result advice will be given.

In some cases the patient may have no need for orthotic intervention and may be given advice regarding footwear and positioning

If a device is required, we will design a device specific the patients need. This process may involve measurements being made, impressions being taken or a plaster cast being made. They will then offer another appointment to fit the device and give instructions for wear.

The options of orthotic prescription may include the following:

  • Splints for the foot and ankle /splints of the legs
  • Special stock and custom footwear and adaptation's (both custom and stock)
  • Heel pads, simple inlays, special insoles and  shoe raise
  • Helmets
  • Abdominal and spinal corsets,/ trusses
  • Callipers/braces
  • Custom made compression stockings and pressure garments

Who do our orthotics team work with?


Our senior orthotist works in joint clinics for children's assessments with a senior children's physiotherapist and will liaise with podiatrists and specialist nurses in adult care.  

The service has links to orthopaedics, oncology vascular surgery, rheumatology and diabetic, Parkinson's departments due to the nature of patients seen.


Who works in our orthotics team?


Our orthotics team includes the following specialists:

  • Orthotists
  • Physiotherapists

How do you access our orthotics service?


Our orthotics service operates an open referral system, receiving referrals from GPs, podiatrists, physiotherapists, patients and their carers, voluntary organisations.


Service opening times


Finchley Memorial Hospital
Outpatients Department
Granville Road
London, N12 0JE

Tuesday 1pm-4pm

Oak Lane Clinic
Oak Lane
London, N2 8LT

One Thursday per month (varied weeks) 9am-2pm 


Our orthotic team works in the borough of:

  • Barnet 


This information is for GPs and other healthcare professionals who refer patients to our orthotic service team.

Referral criteria for our orthotics service


The service will accept referrals for children and adults who live, or are registered with a GP, in Barnet and have:

  • foot problems and need support in standing and walking, including those with painful feet caused by medical conditions or structural deformities
  • children with specialist orthopaedic problems affecting walking
  • pain in their lower limbs affecting walking
  • physical / neurological disabilities affecting their gait
  • a leg length discrepancy indicating the need for shoe raise
  • requiring dynamic movement garments to support function
  • circulatory problems requiring custom made non stock  compression hosiery
  • musculoskeletal problems in the lower limbs needing support devices, but not walking aids.
  • high-risk medical conditions such as diabetes, stroke, Parkinson's and rheumatoid arthritis that require complex device or footwear
  • a need for specialist footwear

What referral information does our orthotics service need?


Referrals to our orthotic service should be made using the orthotic service referral form, or via letter with the following details:

  • patient name
  • patient address
  • patient contact details/carers contact details
  • patient date of birth
  • NHS number
  • mobility issues
  • medical details
  • reason for referral
  • active problems relating to walking and lower limbs
  • significant past problems
  • current medication
  • relevant past medication
  • referrer name, organisation, address, contact details

How do you refer to our orthotics service?


Click here to download a referral form for the adults orthotics service

Click here to download a referral form for the children's orthotics service

Barnet Orthotics Service

Orthotic Service
Oak Lane Clinic
Oak Lane
East Finchley
London N2 8LT

Telephone: 020 8349 7057
Fax: 020 8371 9447

Email: CLCHT.OrthoticsBarnet@nhs.net


Waiting times for our orthotics service


This information will be confirmed by the service teams shortly.


Core hours for our orthotics service


The core hours of our orthotic service are: 

Monday: 09.00 to 17.00
Tuesday: 09.00 to 17.00
Wednesday: 09.00 to 17.00
Thursday: 09.00 to 17.00
Friday: 09.00 to 17.00
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Bank holidays: Closed


Discharge criteria for our orthotics service


This information is being confirmed by our service teams shortly.


Management contacts for our orthotics service


This information is being confirmed by our service teams shortly.

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