Service overview

The Dementia Specialist Nurse Teamprovide specialist nursing care and support for people with a diagnosis of dementia and their carers to improve their overall health, wellbeing and quality of life.

We facilitate best practice dementia care through a coordinated and integrated approach across Merton by working alongside other services such as GPs, social services, other community service colleagues and the voluntary sector.

We support people with dementia and their carers at all stages of dementia, by employing a person-centred approach to care - putting people's wishes, preferences and independence at the centre of what we do.

Who can refer?

Any health and Social Care professional can refer into our team.  The Dementia Specialist Nurse Team also accepts self-referrals.

Inclusion/exclusion criteria

Dementia Specialist Nurse Team referral criteria:

  • People over 18 years of age who are registered with a Merton GP
  • People with a diagnosis of dementia and their carers
  • People who are concerned that they may be showing the signs of dementia but are, as yet, undiagnosed

Patient contact details

Phone: 0333 241 4242

Referrer contact details

Phone: 03330047555


Home visits available?


Service leaflet for patients/families here.

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