Brent falls service

Service overview

Our falls service works in the community to support people at risk of falls by helping them to maintain active, independent lives. We provide assessment, advice and exercise to older people who are at risk of falling to avoid fall related injuries, unnecessary hospital admissions and premature transfer to long term care.  

We offer a range of services focussing on:

  • investigating the cause of your falls
  • assessing your home environment
  • developing an action plan to help prevent falls in the future
  • group exercise and education classes

This service is for Brent residents over 65 years of age who :

  • have a fear of falling
  • have a history of falls or near misses, 
  • lack confidence with their balance and walking
  • have a diagnosis of osteoporosis or fragility fracture.

Who can refer:

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Carers
  • Patients can self refer 

Home visits are available.

Contact the team:

Tel: 0300 555 8889 option 2

Read our patient information leaflet here.


This information is for healthcare professionals who refer patients to our falls team.

Referral criteria:

  • Patients 65 and over
  • Resident of Brent

Home visits are available.

Contact the team:

Tel: 0300 555 8889 option 2 


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