Breastfeeding support service

Service overview

Our Barnet breastfeeding support service provides new mothers with support and breast feeding information. We run friendly and welcoming breastfeeding drop in groups at Children's Centre's and Community Centre's across Barnet each week where you can see a breastfeeding supporter and meet other mums and babies.

No appointment is necessary and babies and children of any age are welcome. You can find your nearest group by clicking here. We also offer home visits to mums who find it hard to get to a group in the early days.

For more information please call 07815 717 055 or email to find your nearest group or make an appointment for a home visit.

Who is our breastfeeding support service for


Our breast feeding support service is available for all mothers that live in Barnet. We can provide support and information to mothers following the birth of your baby.


What does our breastfeeding support service do?


Our breast feeding support service provides mothers with information on breast feeding, delivered by our qualified breast feeding support workers. This is available at a breast feeding group setting or via a home visit or telephone. Our service is aligned with the credible, worldwide Unicef baby friendly initiative

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Who do our breastfeeding peer supporters work with?


Our breast feeding support workers work closely with community midwives, health visitors and children centre staff in Barnet.


Who works in our breastfeeding support service?


Our service is led by Iman Hikal.

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The team is made up of:


"I have two children, Evie four and a half and Archie three. I've been passionate about breastfeeding since having Evie and wanted to train as a peer supporter. I finally got round to it when Evie was four. I'm excited to be able to offer women support in such a special time in their lives."


"Since becoming a mother I have grown passionate about breastfeeding and supporting mothers. Through my own experiences of breastfeeding and those of the many women I have built relationships with, I have come to realise that having access to and receiving adequate timely breastfeeding support can often make or break a successful breastfeeding relationship.  I am grateful to have the opportunity to offer this much needed support to mothers and families. Working as a breastfeeding peer supporter is very rewarding."

Alicja Dwojaczny


Cheryl Revill

"After breastfeeding my own son and finding support groups very helpful I am extremely passionate about helping other families." 


"I am very passionate about breastfeeding and feel privileged to help mothers and families on their breastfeeding journey." 


"My passion for helping mothers to breastfeed came from feeding my four children and the enjoyment and sense of achievement that I gained from being able to do this successfully. I recognised that within my peer group there was a need to give advice and support to other mothers who were struggling or having problems. I first became a volunteer supporter six years ago and I now work in the community, at groups and on the wards at Barnet Hospital. I am really enjoying the role."

Contact the team via:

07815 717 055



How do you access our breastfeeding support service?


You can access our breastfeeding support service on:  07815 717055 or email between the hours of 9am-5pm.


Further information


Video clips of breatfeeding can be viewed here.

From bump to breastfeeding follows seven mums from the UK through pregnancy to breastfeeding. It also has extra chapters on specifics topics like attaching the baby at the breast and starting on solids.

 Downloadable breastfeeding support leaflets:

Useful websites

NHS Choices Pregnancy and Baby Care
Lots of information about looking after yourself and your baby, as well as opportunity to sign up for free pregnancy  and baby emails

Information about feeding and activities for young children  

Breastfeeding Network
Breastfeeding charity who provide our mum-to-mum support on various topics 



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