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Our orthotic service provides assessment, advice and intervention for children and adults who have foot, lower limb and gait problems, and supportive difficulties.

Palliative care

The Pembridge Palliative Care Centre provides specialist end of life (palliative) care services for patients with life limited illnesses and complex needs.


The award-winning Parkinson's disease unit is a dedicated service, providing integrated and specialist care for people with Parkinson's disease and related disorders.

Phlebotomy (blood withdrawal)

Our phlebotomy specialists draw blood for diagnostic testing and monitoring, helping to reduce the workload of doctors and nurses.

Physiotherapy for children

Our children's physiotherapy team works with children with neurodevelopmental and orthopaedic motor difficulties from birth until they leave school.

Podiatric surgery (foot surgery)

Our podiatric surgery team performs elective foot surgery on a day care basis allowing patients to recover at home. This service can be accessed by patients throughout England.

Podiatry (foot health)

Our podiatry teams look after people's feet by providing assessment, diagnosis and treatment of disease and conditions affecting the foot and lower limb.

Rapid care

Our rapid response team provides patients with urgent community health care within 2 hours to avoid a health crisis and possible hospital admission.

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