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HIV nursing

Our HIV nursing service supports HIV/AIDS positive people with complex HIV treatment and care needs in their own homes, improving their health, preventing unnecessary visits to GP surgeries.

Homeless health

Our homeless health teams triage, signpost and help integrate homeless people into the wider NHS, helping them register with GPs and referring them onto specialist NHS services where necessary.

Learning disabilities

Our learning and disability teams assess and meet the health, social care, employment and health needs of people over the age of 18 with learning disabilities. We aim to support people to lead as active and independent lives as possible.

Looked after children

Our looked after children service improves the health of vulnerable children cared for in a range of situations including children's homes, foster homes, and in young offender institutes.

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy

Our musculoskeletal physiotherapy teams assess and treat people's physical problems including shoulder and back pain, joint pain, stiffness and physical disabilities

Night District Nursing Service

Provides nursing assessments and care for housebound patients with physical healthcare needs from 8pm to 8am. We see patients at home and in residential care settings. The service supports and encourages people with disabilities and long-term conditions to live independent lives

Nutrition and dietetics

Our nutrition and dietetic teams give advice about nutrition and health, and help people understand the impact of diet on their health and well-being, helping people live longer, fitter, healthier lives.

Occupational therapy for children

Our children's and young people's occupational therapy teams work closely with their patients to them help increase their independence and enjoyment of life.

Oral Health Promotion (OHP)

Our oral health promotion team is a dedicated team of Dental Care Professionals with additional qualifications in Oral Health Education, Health Promotion and Public Health, and Teaching. Our team work in partnership with council, local authorities, School Health

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