Foundation Trust

At Central London Community Healthcare we are working towards becoming a foundation trust

Like traditional NHS organisations, foundation trusts provide NHS care free of charge.  However, foundation trusts are different because they have greater autonomy and freedoms. This means they are able to be more innovative in how they develop services and respond to the changing healthcare needs of their local communities. A council of governors and membership also helps foundation trusts also provide their local communities with a real say in the way their healthcare needs are met.

Becoming a foundation trust is a long, rigorous progress. We have completed a significant part of the assessment, including a successful Board-to-Board session with the Trust Development Authority in November 2015. Subject to providing some additional assurances on stakeholder engagement, financial plans and plans for a permanent chief executive appointment the TDA Board supported our application at their public meeting in November 2015.

Following the April 2016 merger of the TDA and Monitor to become NHS Improvement the assessment process is being reviewed and this has paused our progress. We will announce the next steps to foundation trust on our website when NHS Improvement confirms the new assessment process.

Follow the links on the left to find out more about what a foundation trust is and why we want to become one. You can also read about the original public consultation process we held in 2012/2013.

Join us now!

We are still recruiting members, and it's easy to join us. Whether you would like to hear about the healthcare we deliver in the local community, or want to get involved in the development of our services, membership is free and will give you the opportunity to have a say in the future of the Trust.

More about our Foundation Trust plans

  • What is a foundation trust?

    Foundation trusts have greater freedom to develop their services to respond to the healthcare needs of their local communities. You can find out more about foundation trusts and what they do here.

  • Foundation trust consultation

    We formally shared our plans for becoming a foundation trust in 2012 through a public consultation - this was refreshed in spring 2013 in light of feedback. Further to this, we are planning a number of public events in spring 2015 that asks you what you think quality means in community services. Find out more about our public consultation and upcoming quality events here.

  • Why we want to become a foundation trust

    Foundation trust status will give you a greater say in the way your healthcare needs are met. You can find out more about why we want to become a foundation trust here.

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