Our Vision, Mission and Values

CLCH has refreshed its vision and mission to reflect the direction of travel outlined in the 'NHS Five Year Forward View' and to ensure the Trust is well placed to play a role in new models of care.

Our vision: Great care closer to home

Our mission: Working together to give children a better start and adults greater independence

Our Values

Quality: We put quality at the heart of everything we do.

  1. I take responsibility for the standard and outcomes of my work.
  2. I provide services which are safe, effective and deliver a good experience. 
  3. I use best practice and feedback to innovate and constantly improve my service.

Relationships: We value our relationships with others.

  1. I work collaboratively and in partnership. 
  2. I am caring, compassionate and kind. 
  3. I support the development of skills, talent and abilities.

Delivery: We deliver services we are proud of.

  1. I treat people with courtesy, dignity and respect.
  2. I work hard to achieve the aims of my service and the organisation.
  3. I make the best use of resources and provide value for money.

Community: We make a positive difference in our communities.

  1. I am visible, accessible and approachable.
  2. I ensure people, partners and purchasers are actively engaged in planning services and care. 
  3. I embrace difference, diversity and fairness.  

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