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Our quarterly newsletter for members, patients and anyone else who want to read about the great work of our staff.

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Annual audit

Annual report, review and accounts

Annual review of Francis and related report recommendations

Board papers


Our Board meets regularly and we publish all our board papers in advance of these meetings. Click here for upcoming meetings, our latest board papers and all previous papers. 


Clinical policies and guidelines


Clinical Framework

We plan services around our patients, their families and carers. Putting patients' needs at the heart of our planning and service delivery means that we consider what good services look like based on real people in the communities we serve. 
Our clinical framework 2015-2018 is focused on a patient called Rosemary, her family and her carers.

(Click here for the easy read version)

Eligibility criteria for services

read the eligibility criteria for our services


The integrated formulary is a list of medicines for adult patients and is for use within organisations in North West London. As Central London Community Healthcare is part of North West London NHS the formulary is used across the organisation. In addition we have a Wound Care Formulary.  

NHS North West London Integrated Formulary (click to see latest publications)

NHS North West London Integrated Formulary Guidance May 2012

Wound Care Formulary 2014 

More information about antibiotics guidance can be found on the Health Protection Agency website.

Single Sex Accommodation Declaration

We have the required facilities to ensure that patients who are admitted to our bedded facilities only share the room they sleep with members of the same sex, and same-sex toilets and bathrooms are close to their bed area.

Single Sex Accommodation Declaration (2017)

A Parent's Guide to our Breastfeeding Policy

Our breastfeeding policy has been written to ensure that all mothers are able to make fully informed choices about breastfeeding their baby.

A Parent's Guide to our Breastfeeding Policy

A Parent's Guide to our Breastfeeding Policy in Arabic

A Parent's Guide to our Breastfeeding Policy in Bengali

A Parent's Guide to our Breastfeeding Policy in Chinese

A Parent's Guide to our Breastfeeding Policy in Farsi

A Parent's Guide to our Breastfeeding Policy in French

A Parent's Guide to our Breastfeeding Policy in Somali

Guidelines on prescribing infant formulae

The Paediatric Dietetic Service at CLCH has updated the guidelines advising on prescribable formula for infants suffering from cows' milk protein allergy, prematurity, faltering growth, gastro-oesophageal reflux disease and lactose intolerance.

They are available here.

 Please email our nutrition and dietetics team at if you require more information.


CQC inspection report - 2015


We were rated Good in 2015 following a full inspection by the Care Quality Commission.

Full report




Every month we publish all our expenditure over £25,000


Foundation Trust consultation


Outcome of our refresh consultation

In February 2013, we launched a refresh of our Foundation Trust consultation. This built on our original consultation when we shared our plans for developing the services we provide and the way we want to run our organisation in the future. The refresh consultation updated our patients, staff, members and others on the progress of our transformation plans and consulted them on some proposed changes to the composition of the council of governors.

The proposed changes were informed by feedback we received during our membership recruitment campaign.  People told us they did not want to have to categorise themselves as either a patient, carer or simply a member of the public when in practice they could be all three, so we have taken this on board and looked to simplify things. Overall, we received support for our proposed governance arrangements and our future plans. In particular, our ambition to integrate some of our services with social care, and improve the provision of care tailored to individuals, with this care provided close to or in their homes.

Read our Refreshed Foundation Trust Public Consultation Document in pdf format

Our original public consultation ran from 8 May - 31 July 2012. The associated documentation is listed below.


Infection prevention


We support staff in protecting their patients and themselves from infection risk. We do this by promoting good infection control practice as a core component of high quality healthcare.

The infection prevention service focuses on ensuring that we are compliant with the hygiene code which is a requirement for Care Quality Commission registration.



Operating plans

Prompt Payment Policy

Quality accounts

Our latest Quality Account is now available to download. The account - which is published every year - provides an overview of the quality of our services in three main areas:
  • Safety
  • Clinical effectiveness 
  • Patient experience
As well as showcasing some of our achievements over the past year - including our switchover to a more effective clinical system, and improvements in record keeping - the account also outlines our plans for improving quality in the future. Some of our priorities include:
  • Improving patient engagement in quality
  • Creating a single point of access for people with long-term conditions
  • Making more information available to patients about the quality of our services
  • To download a copy of our Quality Account please click here

Quality Account 2016/17

A Quality Account is an annual report that providers of NHS healthcare services must publish to inform the public of the quality of the services they provide. This is so you know more about our commitment to provide you with the best quality healthcare services. It also encourages us to focus on service quality and helps us find ways to continually improve.

You can read our latest Quality Account here


Quality Account 2015/16

Read our Quality Account 2015/16

Quality Account 2014/15 

Read our Quality Account 2014/15

Quality Account 2013/14 

Read our  Quality Account 2013/14

Quality Account 2012/13

Read our Quality Account 2012/13

Quality Account 2011/12

Read our Quality Account for 2011/12

Quality Account 2010/11

Read our Quality Account for 2010/11

Read our Quality Account for 2010/11 - Large Print Version

Barnet Community Services merged with the Trust on 1 April 2011, therefore Barnet Community Services produced a separate quality account for 2010/11.

Read our Barnet Community Services Quality Account for 2010/11





We are committed to ensuring that adults, children and young people are treated in safe and secure environments and are cared for by staff who are trained to the appropriate level for their role and who understand their responsibilities.


Staff register of interests


Registered interests

  • A register of board members' interests is updated every 6 months. The link to the latest copy is here.

CLCH staff are also required to publicly register their interests.  These registers can be found below under the following headings:

These requirements are part of what is known as the "sunshine rule", aiming to bring more transparency to the NHS.


Staff survey


Our results from the NHS Annual Staff Survey. Results for the previous year are published in/around February each year.

2016 - summary results | full results

2015 - summary results | full results




A selection of our key corporate strategies:

Quality strategy 2017-2020 - Our strategy to move from Good to Outstanding in the Care Quality Commission ratings. The strategy has six quality campaigns and introduces shared governance as a new way to increase frontline involvement in improving services.

Clinical strategy 2015-2018

Communications strategy 2016-2018

Membership strategy 2016/17

Our Strategic Direction for 2017-20

Equality and diversity strategy 2016 - 2018


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