Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information

As a public sector organisation we have a duty to provide information about the work we do in line with the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Before you make a request please review our responses to previous requests, the main sections of this website and our publications page.  

We are uploading all FOI responses from 2016 onwards, if you are interested in previous responses or if you cannot find what you need please write to the Information Governance team with details of your request:

  • Email:   
  • Post:  Information Governance Team,  Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust,  Christopher Ward,  St Charles Centre for Health & Wellbeing,  Exmoor Street,  London, W10 6DZ.

Responses to previous requests:

July 2016 Responses


June 2016 Responses


Freedom of Information Responses

Mental Health Budget (FOI/2016/082)

Bladder Scanners (FOI/2016/084) - Details of the bladder scanners in The Trust

Hospital Parking Info (FOI/2016/085)

Controlled Medication (FOI/2016/086) - Checking procedures

Staff Pay (FOI/2016/087) - Number of staff earning less than £30,000

Multiple Sclerosis (FOI/2016/088) - Number of patient treated

CEO Contact Details (FOI/2016/089) 

Asbestos Consultancy Service (FOI/2016/090) - Provider used

IT Expenditure (FOI/2016/091) - 2016/17

IT (FOI/2016/092) - Equipment, Budget, number of devices

Noise Related Complaints (FOI/2016/093)

Incidents & Risk Management (FOI/2016/094)

E-Fax (FOI/2016/095)

Agency Staff Spend (FOI/2016/096) - 2015/16

Finance System (FOI/2016/097)

Telephone System (FOI/2016/098)

Photocopiers (FOI/2016/099)

Financial Efficiency (FOI/2016/100)

Diabetic Intermediate Care Service Tender Info (FOI/2016/101)

Community Dental Service (FOI/2016/102) - Details

Staff absenteeism (FOI/2016/103)

Patient Safety Alert Kawasaki Disease (FOI/2016/104) - Action taken by the Trust

Senior Management Contacts (FOI/2016/105) 

E-Rostering System (FOI/2016/106) - Provider and length of contract


May 2016 Responses


Freedom of Information Responses

HR Contact Details (FOI/2016/065)

Estates and Facilities Contact Details (FOI/2016/066)

Fleet Management (FOI/2016/067) - Details of the Trusts Fleet Management Service

Data Protection Breaches (FOI/2016/068)

Shifts Falling Outside Monitor Guidelines (FOI/2016/069) - Number of shifts for Nurses, Allied Health Professionals and Medical Locums

Bedwatch (FOI/2016/070) - Contract for Bedwatch

NHS Funded Barnet Rehabilitation (FOI/2016/071)

Mental Health (FOI/2016/072) - Service not provided by Trust

Mental Health (FOI/2016/073) - Service not provided by Trust

Annual Report & Business Plan (FOI/2016/074)

Annual IT Budget (FOI/2016/075)

IT (FOI/2016/076) - Budget, details on service

Temporary Staffing (FOI/2016/077) - Band two admin posts

Senior Management Contact Details (FOI/2016/078)

Gift & Hospitality Register (FOI/2016/079)

STEIS Incident Report (FOI/2016/080) - Ref: W35440

CQC report for HMP Wormwood Scrubs (FOI/2016/081)

Subject Access Requests (FOI/2016/083) - Contact 


April 2016 Responses


Freedom of Information Responses

Junior Doctor Contract (FOI/2016/045) - Chief Executive emails on the subject of new Junior Doctor Contracts

Utilities (FOI/2016/048) - Trust Utility suppliers 

Electronic Document Management System (FOI/2016/049) - Trust use of Electronic Document Management System

Clinical Waste (FOI/2016/051) - Clinical waste ties

Electronic Patient Record Systems (FOI/2016/052) - Details regarding the Trusts Electronic Patient Record System 

Number of beds (FOI/2016/053) - Number of beds in the Trust

Modern Slavery Act (FOI/2016/054) - Training  

Procurement of Medical Equipment (FOI/2016/055) - Information regarding the Trusts procurement of medical equipment 

Maternity Wards (FOI/2016/056) - No Maternity wards in Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust

Paperless NHS (FOI/2016/057) - Software products to automate policies for early warning 

Herts and Essex Community Hospital (FOI/2016/058) - This is not managed by Central London Community Healthcare

Agency Workers (FOI/2016/059) - Nurse Agency workers, number of agencies  

Public Health Funerals (FOI/2016/060) - Details regarding public health funerals the Trust has been involved with

Use of Compromise Agreements (FOI/2016/061) - Details regarding compromise agreements between January 2011 and December 2015

Trust Financial Position (FOI/2016/063) - 2014/15 & 2015/16 

Hammersmith & Fulham CCG's continence formulary (FOI/2016/064)


March 2016 Responses


Freedom of Information Responses

Community Nurses & Lone Worker Information (FOI/2016/025) - Number of community Nurses, Lone worker information and policy

Nurse use of IV Drips to administer medication (FOI/2016/026) 

Board Members (FOI/2016/029) - Information regarding board members and executive directors

Complaints & PALS department (FOI/2016/031) - Information regarding staff numbers and the work carried out in these departments 

Trust Courier provisions (FOI/2016/032) - Details regarding the Trusts Courier providers and details of this service

Diseases of the eye and treatment options (FOI/2016/033) - Total number of patients treated with eye diseases and treatment options

Multiple Sclerosis (FOI/2016/034) - Information regarding the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis patients

Occupational health software (FOI/2016/035) - Details regarding the software used

Locum Junior Doctors (FOI/2016/036) - Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust does not employ any Junior Doctors

Trust Wi-Fi provider (FOI/2016/037) - Information regarding the provider and details of the service 

Agency Nurses (FOI/2016/038) - Number of agency Nurses, amount spent, number of nurse vacancies 

Sleep Positioning Systems (FOI/2016/039) 

Community Dental Services (FOI/2016/040) - Details regarding the community dental service provided by Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust

Drug Addiction Babies (FOI/2016/041) - Number of births with neonatal abstinence syndrome

Pay Banding Appeals (FOI/2016/042) - Number of pay banding appeals for Junior Doctors

The Counter Terrorism and Security Act (FOI/2016/043) - Number of patients and staff reported under the Act

Trust Patient Transport Service (FOI/2016/044) - Details on the patient transport service in the Trust

Junior Doctors Contract (FOI/2016/046) - Information regarding Junior Doctor Contracts

Senior Management (FOI/2016/050) - Caldicott Guardian, CCIOs and CIO details


February 2016 Responses


Freedom of Information Responses

Nurses and Healthcare Assistants on tier two visas (FOI/2016/011) - Details regarding Nurses and HCA on Tier two visas employed by Central London Community Healthcare 

Organisational Structure (FOI/2016/012) - Senior management areas of responsibility  

Agency staff (FOI/2016/013) - Information for Allied Health Professionals and Health Science Services Agency staff

Healthcare registration numbers (FOI/2016/014) - Registration of healthcare staff

Newspaper Licensing Agency & Copyright Licensing (FOI/2016/015) - Details of the Trust payment for these

Agency Spend (FOI/2016/016) - Allied Health Professional and Health Science Service agency spend for October 2014 to September 2015

Trusts Carbon Footprint (FOI/2016/017) - Energy consumption

Information Asset Owner Policy / Procedure & Guidance (FOI/2016/018) - Information Asset Owner Policy, SIRO job description, FOI policy

Agency Shifts (FOI/2016/019) - Number of shifts offered and filled

Agency Nursing Spend (FOI/2016/020) - Spend on Agency Nurses for the following financial years: 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16

Never Events (FOI/2016/021) - Details on Never Events in the Trust for 2014/15 and 2015/16

Tattoo removal service (FOI/2016/022) - Central London Community Healthcare does not provide this service

Number of FOI requests (FOI/2016/023) - Number of FOI requests from 1st August 2015 to 31st December 2015 relating to community health

Cerebral Palsy (FOI/2016/027) - Cerebral Palsy services within Central London Community Healthcare

Organisational Structure, Agency spend & Projects (FOI/2016/028) - Organisational chart and details on Agency staff  


January 2016 Responses


Freedom of Information Responses

Information on CLCH Chief Executives (FOI/2016/001) - CEO recruitment costs

Recruitment of Temporary Nursing (FOI/2016/002) - Names of all recruitment agencies for nurses and shifts that have fallen outside of Monitor guidelines

Bona Vacantia Referrals (FOI/2016/003) - Referrals to the Government legal department Bona Vacantia since 1st July 2015.

Temporary Staffing Processes (FOI/2016/004) - Details regarding the Trusts temporary staffing processes 

Diabetic Intermediate Care Service Tender Information (FOI/2016/005) - Details on the Trusts Diabetic Intermediate Care Service Tender 

Prescribing specialised infant formula (FOI/2016/006) - Details of the Trusts guidelines when prescribing infant formula for cow's milk protein allergy

Nurse vacancy rate (FOI/2016/007) - Details on the Nurse vacancy rate for the Trust from 2010 to 2016

Freedom of Information & asset management software (FOI/2016/010) - Software used



Request for Medical Records

If you wish to apply for a copy of medical records under the Data Protection Act 1998, please find below a copy of our application form to be completed and returned to us along with any applicable supporting documents requested on the form. 

Access to Health Records Form

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